Everything You Need To Know When Choosing Bowls And Bongs

A bong is the accessory that is usually attached to a bowl. The two work together. The bong is considered to be the primary device. A bong is used by smokers. It has similarity to a water pipe. Bongs differ in terms of shapes and sizes. A bong is used with its components. The components are a mouthpiece, bowl, water chamber and stem. This guide provides you with all you need to know when choosing bong bowl.

Type is an essential consideration when choosing bong bowls. Choose an ideal bowl attached to a bong. Bowls are of two types; rubber grommet and glass-on-glass. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose one that fits well with the bong.

Another factor to consider is size. Identify bowls of appropriate size. Sizes that are considered to be standard are 14mm and 18mm. Pick a bowl that is the right size to fit into the bong. Alternatively, you can opt for custom made bong bowls.

Bowl bongs come in different fittings. There are bongs designed for female and others for male. Give consideration to the inner and outer circumference of the male bowl when selecting a female bowl. The female bowl needs to fit into the male bowl well. Also, you can opt to use the male bowl. Bong bowls are made of different sizes, colors and forms.

It is important you think about the depth and width of the bowl. If you are a large group, opt for deeper bowls. If you smoke individually, go for shallow bowls. For you to identify the best bong, you need to check the depth of the bowl.
Also, give consideration to the bong bowl’s diffusion ability. It is advisable you choose a bowl that comes with multiple holes. There will be better burning and consistent flow of air. Also, there will be prevention of bowl clogging.

It is essential you consider the feature of the bowl bong. The price will be based on the style. Expect to pay more for a classy style. Don’t choose bong bowls that come at the cheapest price. Identify a bowl that will function effectively. You need to invest in a product of the best quality.
It is important you do a background check to identify the best brands of bowl bongs that are in the market. Google and have a look at top rated brands of bong bowls. Take time and go through online reviews to learn from the experiences of other users.

Also, get recommendations from your girlfriends who smoke. They will give you names of bong bowls that they have used. Go for window shopping at the local stores, you will get expert advice on the best bong bowls for your needs. For a good smoking experience, make sure the bowl is cleaned after every use. You can make your purchase online or from your local store.

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